Nov 8, 2016 Tuesday

How minimalism brought me freedom and joy

I have one bag of clothes, one backpack with a computer, iPad, and phone. I have zero other possessions.

Nov 7, 2016 Monday

Benchmark of Python WSGI servers

So that is what we are going to do, we are going to take the top-3 performing WSGI servers namely Tornado, Gevent and uWSGI (FAPWS3 lack of HTTP/1.1 support made it unsuitable for this benchmark) and give them 5 minutes of ping-pong mayhem.

Oct 30, 2016 Sunday

BreakSafe magnetic USB-C power cable

Use BreakSafe with the USB-C power supply that came with your laptop. BreakSafe is rated up to 60 watts (20 volts @ 3 amps), and has been designed and tested to meet USB-C power standards. Please note that BreakSafe is for charging power only; data and video are not supported.

Oct 27, 2016 Thursday

Three-second brain exercise for finding joy

Tan’s thin slice exercise contains a trigger, a routine, and a reward—the three parts necessary to build a habit. The trigger, he says, is the pleasant moment, the routine is the noticing of it, and the reward is the feeling of joy itself.

Oct 18, 2016 Tuesday

Nokia Lumia 735

I can't express to you how nice and solid this phone feels in hand. It's nothing short of spectacular. I don't even use the case I have for it because I don't drop it without the case. I was at first a bit skeptical about build quality because the back cover is removable but the shape and materials look and feel amazing…

This item ships to Romania.

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