Advanced usage of requests

BaseUrlSession allows you to specify the base URL for the HTTP client and to only specify the resource path at the time of the request.

Hadoop with Python

Spark can read files residing on the local filesystem, any storage source supported by Hadoop, Amazon S3, and so on. Spark supports text files, SequenceFiles, any other Hadoop Input‐ Format, directories, compressed files and wildcards.

I should I knew Spark can read compressed gigabyte CSVs.

Python tips and tricks you haven't seen

I want to note that all those features are part of Python standard library, so whenever you decide to implement something in Python first go looking for it in standard library.

Improve performance of your Python program.

Recreating Keras from scratch

Understanding generic neural networks by building the popular AI library Keras using base Python.

I need to write this myself.

Things you're probably not using in Python 3

Examples of exciting features you can only use in Python 3 in the hopes that it will make solving your problems with Python easier.

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