Things you're probably not using in Python 3

Examples of exciting features you can only use in Python 3 in the hopes that it will make solving your problems with Python easier.

Japan plans to create 10 billion 14-digit phone numbers

With the commercialization of the fifth-generation, or 5G, of superfast mobile communication format approaching, 11-digit numbers are expected to run out as early as fiscal 2022.

What's wrong with case insensitive letters? US-ABC-900-900 can be a beautiful phone number and global. 165,216,101,262,848 phone numbers per country.

Deploying websites with a tiny Git hook

Hooks?! Hooks are scripts that git will execute when awesome stuff happens, like after the repository receives a push.

Python Command Line Apps

There are a number of Python libraries and modules to help build a command line app from parsing arguments and options to testing to full blown CLI frameworks which handle things like colorized output, progress bars, sending email or pluggable modules.

Python decorators with arguments

The return value of the decorator function must be a function used to wrap the function to be decorated. That is, Python will take the returned function and call it at decoration time, passing the function to be decorated.

Helped me turn any method in a managed task.

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