Peculiar is a free icon package made only in CSS. It was created for sites and web applications that depend on fewer HTTP requests as possible or don't need to use any images at all. The package contains 45 pictograms available in 16² pixels size.

Rethinking the icons

Endless possibilities are coming with these type of icons. Sizes are not limited to 16² pixels, but they go up to 1024² pixels and from there to ∞. They are semantically coded, each shape can be customized to different color. Web designers can now use these icons to create layouts skipping the Photoshop in the process and web developers can speed up their web applications tremendously.

Peculiar is Retina-ready by design, meaning that the same code is used for both regular and Hi-DPI screens.

Support the project

Donations are greatly appreciated and it will guaratee that this project will stay forever free and open. You can use PayPal to show your support.

Peculiar has been featured on The Icon Handbook by John Hicks.