Moss wants to be an experimental OS that can handle new technologies and promise to be on desktop as simple as iOS is on mobile. Everybody deserves power and simplicity on a big monitor screen.

  • Interface: Coded in HTML5 and CSS3. Rendered with WebKit.
  • Framework: Python powered. Custom made templating language.
  • Kernel: UNIX based.

Overall design on a MacBook Pro.

Login screen with user selection and transparency effects.

Music player

Browser and app bar with integrated notifications.

Notifications area, app handle provided by the app icon, app bar can be horizontal (text editor) or vertical (twitter, mail, etc.), tabs have a blue indicator when active, can also be used when loading the file.

Tabbed text editor and the docking ports. A docking port is a part of an application that you can interact with. All the parts of the Moss are applications and every application has a docking port.