Monochrome is a modern browser that brings mobile web apps to desktop.

Redefining the browser

Monochrome lets you browse and check all your favorite social networks at the same time from the ease of your laptop. You can listen to SoundCloud or watch YouTube while working on something else without the battery taking a huge hit.

The fixed viewport of 320px (width) × 528px (height) is simulating the iPhone 5/5c/5s screen dimentions.

It's slim, fast and energy efficient. Designed for Sublevel.

Details and price

Monochrome costs $4.90 and it’s available for purchase from Sellfy.

The app comes as it is, fresh from Xcode build system with no warranty whatsoever. There’s no updater for security reasons and for the simple fact that even updates cost time and money. The country where I live isn’t allowed to sell goods inside App Store.

Monochrome has been featured on Reddit, Designer News, Hacker News, Look At Me, iFun, Subtraction, Product Hunt, SoftPedia, Monocle, The Tech Block, etc.

Monochrome browser homepage

Customizable toolbar with a home launcher.

Monochrome browser mobile web apps

Open unlimited number of mobile web apps.

Monochrome on Yosemite

Running gorgeous on OS X Yosemite while playing a video from Polygon.