The Journalist

The Journalist, or redefinition of minimalist, is a smart, sophisticated WordPress theme designed for professional journalists.

Theme setup with WordPress

After you download the themes, you'll need to extract them to your /wp-content/themes/ directory. Then log into WP and activate the theme from within your presentation panel.

The themes are licensed under a GPL license. Basically, this means that you're free to do what you like with them as long as you redistribute them under the same license. I do have a small request: If you do use one of the themes, could you send a link back this way? Of course, there is no obligation to do this other than professional courtesy but I would definitely appreciate the gesture. :-)

Support the project

The themes will always stay free, but donations are very much appreciated and will help continuing WordPress themes development — donate with PayPal.

The Journalist is used by thousands of people world wide from journalists to CEOs.

Version 1.9 — the modern version of The Journalist.

Version 1.3 — the classic version of The Journalist.