The Journalist

After you download the themes, you'll need to extract them to your /wp-content/themes/ directory. Then log into WP and activate the theme from within your presentation panel.

The themes are licensed under a GPL license. Basically, this means that you're free to do what you like with them as long as you redistribute them under the same license. I do have a small request: If you do use one of the theme, could you send ? Of course, there is no obligation to do this other than professional courtesy but I would definitely appreciate the gesture. :-)

The themes will always stay free, but donations are very much appreciated and will help continuing WordPress themes development and to provide support — donate via PayPal. I like to design themes, but it isn't an easy job as it seems.


The Journalist 1.9

The Journalist, or redefinition of minimalist, is a smart, sophisticated WordPress theme designed for professional journalists.

Download it from archive.


The Journalist 1.3

This is the classic version of The Journalist, the one that started the revolution of typography rich themes.

Download it from archive.