About Me

Hi, I'm Lucian Marin.

I have a background in electronics engineering and currently doing what I love, designing and building amazing products. I dare to like meticulous design, modern typography, electronic music and strict engineering. I strongly think that design is all about making impossible possible.

Bought the domain and started working on The Journalist
Started the journal and finished The Journalist with a more modern design.
Worked on Google’s favicon then featured on their official blog.
Started working on Peculiar. After that, I’ve been interviewed and published in Digerati, the Romanian version of The Setup.
Joined a multi-national team of experts who wrote Newscoop 3 Cookbook, a Sourcefabric manual. After that, I’ve been interviewed and published in The Icon Handbook about Peculiar.
Joined InevoLabs, a local startup with global reach where I worked on Lira Media as a front-end engineer.
Started working on Markdawn. Today I'm still trying to figure out how to do publishing right.
Built Sublevel, a beautiful engineered network and Monochrome, a beautiful engineered browser.
I’m scaling things up and trying to figure out what’s next.

About this site

The site is created using the latest web innovations then statically generated with Jekyll and Sass. It is hosted by Rohost — probably the best hosting provider from Romania. The code is released on GitHub under a MIT license while the design and the content are copyrighted to me, all rights being reserved.


You're free to contact me about anything — from Sci–Fi TV shows to web apps and everything in between. If you need a price quote on a project be sure to include all possible details.